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  • Top real estate consultancy acquires shopping malls in secondary city business centers in Gansu 日期:2013-02-18 00:14:31 点击:117

    Due to the development needs of top planning enterprises, top real estate consulting agencies are now acquiring all kinds of shopping malls in commercial centers of secondary cities in Gansu province, with a single-storey building area of more than 1000 square meters, leasing and property rights can be purchased, providing accurate information and effectively prompting buyers to pay information rewards。 Contact email:

  • Top real estate consultants acquire development land in Zhangye city Center 日期:2013-02-18 00:07:48 点击:61

    Entrusted by the development enterprise, the top real estate consulting agency now acquires the development land of Zhangye City Center, mainly commercial land, with the best price. Contact email:

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