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Tianyou Jiazhou Runyuan wonderful appearance in Lanzhou May Day auto show opening!

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On the morning of April 27, the high-profile May Day exhibition in Northwest China - 2018 May Day Lanzhou International Automobile Fair was grandly opened at Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center。The exhibition area reached 80,000 square meters, the influence covers the whole Gansu Province and the surrounding, the number of auto consumers is expected to reach 100,000 people, as the exhibition to match the exhibition, Lanzhou May Day Huimin house purchase Festival also appeared at the May Day auto show。

It is understood that 2018 Lanzhou Huimin House buying Festival exhibitors are Wanke City, Tianyou ~ Jiazhou Runyuan, New District Zijin Business Center, Fuzheng ~ Taihe Upper City, Anning Residence, Zhongshan ~ Fujing Residence, East Lake Square, Zhengmao ~ Dingxiu Harbor, Yongxin ~ East Ou World Trade Square and other more than 10,The exhibition is rich in formats,Board buildings, lofts, shops, office buildings, hotel apartments, garden bungalows, home improvement materials and other everything,It can meet the needs of consumers, improvement, investment, pension and other types of real estate needs。

In this exhibition,By Lanzhou top planning company marketing services Tianyou Jiazhou Run Garden also appeared,This project Lanzhou top planning company from the beginning of the project land acquisition intervention services,From the project positioning, house planning, garden landscape, facade style and so on carefully planned and built,And innovative planning of 121 square meters of sky villa and 62 square meters of diamond apartment products,This project was presented at the exhibition,It has received great enthusiastic attention from home buyers,On the first day of the exhibition, more than 100 groups of customers have been registered。

Tianyou · Jiazhou Runyuan is an urban high-end ecological residential area built by Gansu Haibo Landport Real Estate Development Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Tianjian Industrial Group,At the beginning of the project, Jiazhou Runyuan planned to create a high-end urban gathering area integrating ecological bungalows, sky villas, diamond apartments and flat-floor luxury houses for the social high-end people in Kyushu area,The unique planning of nearly 4000 square meters of green mountains and other features of the landscape,The goal is to become the ultimate residence for high-end people in Kyushu。

Located in the golden location of Kyushu Development Zone, Jiazhou Runyuan Park has built mature communities such as Kyushu City, Hailianghe Park, Upper Guandi, Tianyuan No. 9 and Phoenix City around it, with convenient transportation, mature social and commercial facilities, and eye-catching project location。The project overlooks the whole city of Kyushu and has a full view of the scenery of Kyushu。

Start from Jiazhou Runyuan and immediately direct to Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street, provincial government and Xiguan Cross business circle, the bustling business district of the main city of Chengguan。City bus No. 86, 108, 144 stop at Jiazhou Runyuan, arrive at Wanda Plaza, Lanzhou West Railway Station and seamlessly connect with the city subway。

Jiazhou Runyuan is close to the North Ring Road, the fifth main road of the east and west cities of Lanzhou City, and it is convenient to reach the bustling business district of the West Railway Station and the High School District attached to Anning Normal University;East to Yantan and urban high-tech zone。

Jiazhou Runyuan shows noble excellence in all aspects of location, transportation, housing quality, commercial facilities, garden landscape, and property management, demonstrating the extraordinary identity of residents。

                 Tianyou Jiazhou Run Garden construction area of 61.61 square meters of two-bedroom one-room diamond apartment apartment type display

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