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Zhangye City weak Shuihuahai Cultural Tourism area officially opened!

时间:2016-07-17 19:42来源:未知
   On July 16, the weak Shuihua Sea Cultural tourism scenic spot, which is responsible for the overall planning and operation management of Zhangye Top planning and consulting company, was officially opened。On the same day, dozens of flowers such as borage, forget-me-not, poppy and other flowers in the scenic area are in full bloom, attracting many tourists to come to enjoy and play。 In the scenic area, various forms of experience activities such as "looking for eight fairies", "cross-country competition", "cycling around the lake" and "kite competition" have also accumulated sufficient popularity for the opening of the scenic area。
The scenic area to "pastoral, weak water, windmill, flower sea" as the design elements, a variety of different colors of flowers through the combination of large bars, large color blocks, produce a strong visual impact, different flowers planted in different seasons, giving people the feeling of "scenery is not with the four times"。同时,Scenic spots around to meet the tourists to eat, live, travel, travel, shopping, entertainment all-round needs,It is divided into flower sea walk, Binhu leisure area, Silk Road culture, RV camp, forest sea orchard and other functional plates,Each section has its own special theme zones and entertainment venues,It aims to create a "weak water flower sea" characteristic brand,Extended industrial chain,Create Zhangye characteristic tourism quality。
  In the future, the project aims to build 4A tourist attractions and will become another famous tourist attraction in Zhangye。

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