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Lanzhou top planning services Zhongbang Jinshui Bay One courtyard opened, selling more than 300 sets of nearly 300 million yuan。

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May 15, 2016, by Lanzhou top planning company marketing servicesZhongbang Jinshui Bay No.1 HospitalGrand opening, opening 4 hours, more than 300 sets of sales, a single day transaction amount exceeded 300 million, for the property market in 2016 to add a strong pen!


Opening site

Lanzhou Zhongbang wire and cable Group Chairman Mr. Jinyin Qiang, Zhongbang Real estate general manager Mr. Wang Haidong, Zhongbang Group Chief engineer Mr. Wei Yongqian, Zhongbang Group Sales director Mr. Zhao Youwang, Finance director Mr. LAN Haijun, Quality director Mr. Niu Wanglu, Gansu Construction Research Institute Chief engineer Mr. Rui Jia, Lintao County Construction Engineering Corporation Project manager Mr. Li Guojun, GansuMr. Pan Xuwen, Project director of Hualian Supervision Company, and Mr. Zhu Qinfeng, general manager of Lanzhou Top Planning Company, attended the opening ceremony。Mr. Wang Haidong, general manager of Zhongbang Real Estate, delivered a speech and explained the planning and regional development of No.1 Jinshui Bay。


Leaders attending the meeting


Mr. Wang Haidong, general manager of Zhongbang Real Estate, delivered a speech

One Courtyard, Golden Water BayLanzhou Zhongbang Real Estate Co., Ltd. is developed and constructed another nearly 300,000 square meters of the market, by a super high-rise urban complex, an 8-story business hotel and 2 residential composition, after completion will be withZhongbang Golden Water Bay房价 户型 Second-hand house 租房Connected as one, three seasons of flowers, four seasons of evergreen, continuing the unique charm of the "United Nations ecological environment residential Gold Medal", forming a set of international trade center, five-star hotel, headquarters office base, business in one of the more than 100 acres of comprehensive market。

One Courtyard, Golden Water BayFrom the start of construction, it has been sought after by the majority of owners and all walks of life, it is located in the position of Yintan Bridge fort, located in the core area of Anning District, and the first metro line 1 0 meters docking。According to Lanzhou rail transit news: in 2017, Metro Line 1 is about to be put into operation, and the owners of No. 1 courtyard can take the lead in enjoying the convenience of Lanzhou Metro era when they check in。The surrounding project is planned to have complementary projects such as Shengda Commercial Plaza and West Airport City Terminal. In the future, this place will be bustling with commerce, convenient transportation and superior location. As Lujiazui of Lanzhou, it is a prime location for investment and real estate。At the same time, the project is surrounded by rich educational resources, more than 20 schools such as Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Jiaotong University Affiliated Primary School, Jiaotong University Affiliated High School, Northwest Normal University, Normal University Affiliated Primary School, Normal University Affiliated High School, Political Law School, Gansu Agricultural University, etc. The high-quality one-stop education and profound cultural heritage have achieved the reputation of "the beautiful house of learning" in Jinshui Bay No. 1 Hospital。


Zhongbang Group chairman Mr. Jinyin Qiang gong announced the opening

One Courtyard, Golden Water BayOn the opening day, customers can enjoy 30,000 to 50,000 yuan for the purchase of a house, a one-time payment can enjoy 1% discount, and the purchase of customers can participate in the lottery, Zhongbang Group set up 30 50-inch LeEco LCD TV。


Winning prospective owners pose for a group photo

Zhongbang Real Estate adheres to the rigorous industrial manufacturing of Zhongbang Group,One Courtyard, Golden Water BayWith bright pattern, square type, excellent building parts, much favored。The district plans to have more than 1,000 underground garages in three floors, not only from the garage to the residential elevator, but also equipped with an independent elevator to the ground, the corridor in the residential suite is fully decorated, the lobby is grand and luxurious, the security door is 10 cm thick, and the aluminum alloy window is insulated and the bridge is broken。The building quality is the biggest selling point of No.1 Jinshui Bay。In addition, Zhongbang Gold Property for many years in line with the purpose of "for the owner to do a caring housekeeper", the service to perfection。

Zhongbang Real Estate relies on the strong financial support of Zhongbang Cable Group, highly valuable brand influence, with the core location, first-class environment, excellent quality, fine service, by many friends love。No. 1 Jinshui Bay Hospital has no shortage of "prospective owners" who have been waiting for three years, Zhongbang Real Estate is deeply grateful for this trust, and will abide by the quality commitment of "Big Tree Garden five-star home"。


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