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The product promotion meeting and signing ceremony of Huining Commercial Pedestrian Street were held smoothly

时间:2014-11-23 18:02来源:未知

        On the afternoon of November 23, 2014, the product promotion meeting and signing ceremony of Huining Commercial Pedestrian Street were successfully held in Huishi Hotel。Mr. Wang Huijun, general manager of Gansu Mingyu Real Estate Development Co., LTD., Mr. Wang Jie, general manager of Huining Taihetang Pharmaceutical Chain Co., LTD., Mr. Wang Jie, manager of Kailiang Supermarket of Huining Yihe Trading Co., LTD., Ms. Chen Shuqin, manager of Huining Store of Hailan Home, Mr. Wang Haijie, general manager of Camel Outdoor and Business Leisure Clothing, Lanzhou Huisheng Shopping Industry and Trade Company and Tashan BanpoMr. Ma Rui, Chairman of restaurant chain, Ms. Xue Fang, General manager of Landi Educational Institution, Mr. Guo Haiyi, Assistant general manager of Gome Northwest Branch, Mr. Pei Kai, general manager of D-plus Micro City, Mr. Zhao Zongyi, general manager of Smith Water Heater and Boss brand Range Hood Huining Store, Mr. Zhao Zongzhi, general manager of Lion Brand Outdoor Huining Flagship Store,Relevant media, brand businesses, many intended customers of Huining Commercial Pedestrian Street and top planning of Huining commercial Pedestrian Street marketing agency were invited to attend the event。

        According to the reporter's understanding,"Huining Commercial Pedestrian Street" is located in the core area of Huining central area,South Huishi Road to the west, South Red Army Road to the east, south urban planning road, north Huishi Tower theme park,The urban central green space theme park and the green space behind the project house complement each other,Man and nature coexist in harmony,Unique environment,East of the bustling business district and cultural education area,Convenient transportation,Have access to all directions,Great appreciation potential。

        The total construction area of this project is about 4.70,000 square meters, the overall commercial planning of the double pedestrian street inside and outside the project, and the shops along the street, is the most novel commercial building in Huining area, hardware facilities, the most complete function of living, shopping, leisure and entertainment, catering and other integrated experience commercial street。With the development and operation of "Huining Commercial Pedestrian Street", with its own business scale and efficient management ability and many other advantages, it is bound to have a great promotion and improvement of the surrounding area of commerce, "Huining commercial Pedestrian Street" will become a new urban landmark of fashion consumption and trendy commercial culture in Huining。

        At 15:00 in the afternoon, the ceremony kicked off in an exciting promotional video. Mr. Wang Huijun, general manager of Gansu Mingyu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. first made a wonderful opening speech on the promotion meeting and signing ceremony。Subsequently, the project manager explained in detail the planning layout and investment appreciation potential of the shops in Huining Commercial Pedestrian Street。
After the enthusiastic speeches of the leaders, the signing ceremony was held in a burst of warm applause and music, which pushed the event to a climax, and then the event was successfully concluded in the toast of the guests。It is reported that with the same enthusiasm, Huining Commercial Pedestrian Street invites other brand merchants to enter, strengthen the commercial value and market cohesion of Huining Commercial Pedestrian Street in Huining County, truly become the benchmark of the local business district, and will also become the most influential urban commercial center in Huining。
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