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Lanzhou top planning hand in hand Tianyou Jiazhou Runyuan four months strong sales 70%!

时间:2019-03-18 11:04来源:Top real estate consultant
      March 10, 2019,By Lanzhou top planning company overall marketing services of Jiuzhou Tianyou Jiazhou Run Garden has been opened for 4 months,These four months are punctuated by the Chinese Lunar New Year in the middle of winter,The reason is not the golden period of real estate sales,But under the professional and efficient marketing management of top companies,Jiazhou Runyuan opened for 4 months,Including deposit customers have been sold 70%,Achieved target sales of nearly 500 million yuan。
     Kyushu region has always been the price depression of Lanzhou real estate,House prices have hovered around 6,000 yuan for years,From the beginning of the project, Jiazhou Runyuan planned to create a high-end urban gathering area integrating ecological bungalows, sky villas, diamond apartments and flat-floor luxury houses for the social high-end people in Kyushu area,The unique planning of nearly 4000 square meters of green mountains and other features of the landscape,The goal is to become the ultimate residence for high-end people in Kyushu。
     Tianyou Jiazhou Run Garden by Lanzhou top planning company from the beginning of the project land to get involved in the service,From the project positioning, house planning, garden landscape, facade style and so on carefully planned and built,And innovative planning of 121 square meters of sky villa and 62 square meters of diamond apartment products,Once this project is available,It has received great enthusiastic attention from home buyers。
     Lanzhou top planning company in the project marketing services to support a large number of "top good House" platform of the original customer data resources,And a lot of use of new media in promotion,Targeted at the psychological characteristics of the target population through today's headlines, circle of friends, Tiktok and other platforms targeted target customer groups,Obtain a large number of prospective customer groups of detailed information,Finally, under the premise of advertising investment of less than 500,000 yuan, it wrote a strong and colorful pen in the real estate market in Lanzhou winter in 2018。

                                   Tianyou Jiazhou run garden Tiktok and today's headlines fixed investment advertising

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