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Gansu century Golden Emblem real estate signed with Lanzhou top planning

时间:2018-11-20 11:36来源:Top real estate consultant
       In August 2018, Lanzhou top real Estate Consultant officially signed a contract with Gansu Century Golden Emblem Real Estate Development Co., LTD., and the top real estate consultant agency is fully responsible for the residential and commercial planning, promotion and sales consulting work of Golden Emblem Real Estate located in the core area of Lanzhou Yantan urban hardcover luxury residence - Golden Emblem Home。


         Yantan Yaquanwan is a high-end hardcover quality residence built by Gansu Century Jinhui Real Estate Development Co., LTD., which is positioned as a private mansion。The project is located in the central area of Yantan City, Lanzhou City, near Haihong House and Jinchuan Jujin Garden and other residential areas, living downtown and close to nature, bustling and quiet。
        Yantan Yaquanwan has a total construction area of about 110,000 square meters. It is planned to build a total of 5 high-rise residential buildings, adopting the modern popular ART-DECO architectural style, with a calm and atmospheric shape and advocating classic and timeless。Star hotel entrance lobby with high-grade tile parquet technology to show the beauty and luxury, bright luxury decoration style equipped with international top brand elevator to enjoy the distinguished treatment。The project is mainly 120㎡-150㎡ of medium and large apartment type, wide and bright floor spacing to ensure transparent lighting and ventilation space, to ensure that each household is a viewing room, each window can carry the blue sky。Every day after dinner, the product sunset, watching the wind clouds light, happy and comfortable。
        Yantan Yaquanwan small area environment is mainly to create ecological gardens, the landscape and plants are fully integrated, there are water surging, beads fall fountain, tree shadow dancing, green to carry the overall situation, with flowers and shrubs。The perseverance of the stone and the softness of the scene form the elegance of different textures, and the local subtle differences bring aesthetic pleasure to the residents。The simple and elegant landscape pieces, the humane inner court structure, and the natural harmony of the garden water system will interpret the elegant style incisively and vividly, so that the residents can enjoy the comfortable public space。The owner's rest area, children's entertainment area, leisure and fitness area and other smart Spaces planned by the community are also refined and complete, creating a warm, elegant, luxurious and fashionable living atmosphere, and creating a high-end quality living gathering area。

      For a long time, leading real estate consultants have been committed to developing full marketing services for corporate projects, Obtained the unanimous recognition of the development enterprises, the top real estate consulting agencies have started the preliminary planning work of the project, and the project has been named "Yantan Yaquan Bay".。 (Managing Editor: admin)