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Zhu Qinfeng, general manager of Lanzhou top planning, was interviewed about the purchase limit of Lanzhou for one year。

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Zhu Qinfeng, general manager of Lanzhou top planning, interviewed by the Western Business Daily about the purchase limit of Lanzhou for one year。

Lanzhou property market regional purchase restriction policy will be full 1 year

Over the past year, Lanzhou's property market has changed

       Daily Gansu network March 12 news (Western Business Daily reporter Ouyang Haijie) at the beginning of last year, the implementation of a wide range of purchase restriction policies, in this context, Lanzhou City from April 14, 2017, the implementation of regional purchase restriction policies, regulatory policies officially opened。On August 28, Lanzhou property market purchase restrictions were upgraded, and the restricted purchase area was expanded to four districts in the main city。However, on January 5 this year, Lanzhou cancelled the housing purchase restriction policy in Xigu District, Kyushu Development Zone and Gaoping remote areas, further restricting speculation and investment house purchases。10 months in a row introduced three property market control policies, now, Lanzhou regional purchase restriction policy is about to turn 1 anniversary, the property market control effect?How has the housing market responded in terms of prices and transactions?

Regulation policy introduced in some areas began to limit purchases

      After the Spring Festival, Lu Hongwei decided to buy a house。 "Saw a lot of real estate, or the price in Kyushu can be accepted, the most important thing is that the Kyushu area is not within the scope of purchase restrictions.。Unlimited purchase is the main factor for Lu Hongwei to buy a house in Kyushu, "want to buy a set of convenient children to go to school in Anning or Chengguan District, but there is no three-year social security or tax proof, can only settle for second best.。”

      Lu Hongwei, a native of Qingyang, came to Lanzhou in 2016 to work as a driver for a logistics company, earning more than 5,000 yuan a month。Since the logistics company was just starting up, it did not buy social insurance for its employees。

      Settling down, buying a house is a priority。At the end of 2016, as soon as Lu Hongwei had a rest day, he began to look at a number of real estate houses, "the house prices in the main city can not afford to buy, slightly remote areas are not convenient to travel, and he has been hesitant.。In a moment, entering 2017, the national property market has intensified large-scale regulation, followed by Lanzhou, on April 14, 2017, opinions on Chengguan District, Qilihe District, Anning District within the scope of new commodity housing, second-hand housing restrictions。Non-lanzhou City household registration family in the restricted purchase area has more than one (including one) of housing, shall not be in the restricted purchase area again to buy new commodity housing and second-hand housing。

      According to the data of Lanzhou Housing Security and real estate Administration Bureau, the average price of net signing in the first quarter of 2017 was 7970 yuan/square meter in the city Pass District, 9058 yuan/square meter in Qilihe, and 7840 yuan/square meter in Anning District。The average price in the core area of Lanzhou is 10,000 yuan/square meter, and the highest is even 1.70,000 yuan/square meter。

In Lu Hongwei's watch, on August 25, Lanzhou City's "enhanced" property market regulation was introduced, and Xigu District was included in the scope of restricted purchases, so far, the four districts of the main city fully entered the restricted purchase area。And requires non-Lanzhou household registration buyers to provide 3 years of social security and 1 year of tax proof, again increase the loan down payment ratio。

The purchase restriction policy has helped Lanzhou's housing price increase narrow

      Some insiders told reporters that after the introduction of regulatory policies in April and August 2017, it has had a certain effect on curbing the rise in housing prices。At the same time, due to the extension of the digestion cycle of commercial housing in some areas, the supply of housing in the Gaoping area around the city is sufficient, and the regional housing price has not changed much。On January 5, 2018, Lanzhou cancelled the housing purchase restriction policy in Xigu District, Kyushu Development Zone and Gaoping remote areas。Restrictions on housing sales were introduced in some areas。The official explanation of the Lanzhou Real Estate Bureau is to "implement classified regulation and control, implement policies based on areas, and improve the accuracy of regulation".。

      Within 10 months, Lanzhou introduced three consecutive regulatory policies, implemented measures such as price filing, regional purchase restrictions, loan restrictions, household registration restrictions, and strengthened supervision, and effectively controlled the momentum of excessively rapid price rise in the main urban areas。On February 24, the National Bureau of Statistics released the statistics of the sales price of commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities in January 2018, showing that in the first month of 2018, Lanzhou housing prices continued to show an upward trend, but the increase was slightly narrowed。Lanzhou new commodity housing prices rose by 0.4%, up 5% from a year ago.3%;Second hand housing prices rose by 0.7%, up 3.At 5%, gains have narrowed。

The second-hand housing market has more housing but the turnover has declined

      Nearly a year, Lanzhou real estate regulation policy has begun to achieve results。Sun Xiaotao, a real estate agent, clearly feels that second-hand house prices are rising at a slower pace, especially in the main urban district, where prices are basically flat compared with a year ago。During the period from 2013 to 2016, generally after the Spring Festival, housing prices in the main urban areas will "swish" to rise。

      Lanzhou City real estate Bureau official told reporters, from the proportion of buyers in Lanzhou, 40% from the county, 60% from Lanzhou urban area。One type of foreign buyers are students, the other is the population in high-altitude areas, and the third type is businessmen, and most of the businessmen already have a house in Lanzhou, after the implementation of the purchase restriction policy, their willingness to buy a house is reduced。

      In an intermediary company near the Guangwu gate, real estate agent Xiao Li told reporters that in the past year, the implementation of the regional purchase restriction policy, almost every intermediary company is not very good, the market is listed a lot of housing, but the turnover decline, is the most obvious characteristics of the market。

      Lanzhou real estate Bureau stock housing network data can also be corroborated,Second-hand housing market turnover is not satisfactory,In January, 177 sets of online signatures were traded,330 units in February,Lanzhou City more than 200 audit and record of the intermediary agencies,There are only about 20 intermediaries with trading volume,In addition to the large turnover of individual real estate agents,Most intermediaries show only 1 set of transactions。

Home prices in the Gaoping area rose slightly after the restrictions were lifted

      Scarcity is valuable。Due to the lack of housing resources in the main urban area of Lanzhou, housing prices remain high, and the housing prices in the hot areas have exceeded 1.50,000 yuan/square meter。However, in the Xigu District, Kyushu Development Zone, and Gaoping remote areas far from the main urban area, although the housing supply accounts for more than 70% of the entire new house area in Lanzhou, the housing price is only 6000 to 8500 yuan/square meter, about half of the main urban area。

     "After the removal of purchase restrictions in Xigu, Kyushu and Takaoping areas in January 2018, housing prices in the Takaoping area began to rise slightly due to increased demand。Lanzhou top real estate marketing company Zhu Qinfeng said that the price of Gaoping area is a new round of rise after the cancellation of purchase restrictions, but from the current point of view, the price increase is also within the controllable range, a number of real estate prices in 8000~8500 yuan/square meter。

      Increasing the supply of housing is the best way to control housing prices。According to the Lanzhou real estate Bureau on the Gaoping area research shows,2018年,Anning Dashagou Road area can supply 1 million square meters of housing,The Kyushu area can supply 300,000 square meters,Qingbaishi Mountain can supply 1.7 million square meters,The three areas are expected to supply 3 million square meters,The four districts in the suburbs can supply 4 million square meters a year,These three districts account for 75% of the supply of the four districts in the suburbs。These areas are mostly 80 square meters to 120 square meters, suitable for rigid and improved needs。According to the sales target of commercial housing in Lanzhou in 2018, the sales target of commercial housing in 2018 is 7.7 million square meters。

[Observation] The game pattern of the property market quietly began

     "The virtual high prices in the real estate market have been greatly curbed, and the game pattern of the property market is also quietly changing.。Lanzhou top real estate marketing company Zhu Qinfeng believes,The purpose of the property market regulation is to promote a reasonable return of housing prices, but it does not mean that housing prices will fall immediately,The purchase restriction policy has been implemented for one year,The bubble in house prices is being deflated,The government's determination to control the property market is long-lasting,It is also necessary to establish and improve the long-term mechanism of stable and sustainable real estate market。

     Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of E-House Research Institute, said that Lanzhou's regional purchase restriction in this year, from the point of view of house price growth, ranked 35th among 70 large and medium-sized cities in the country, indicating that regional market policy regulation is relatively stable and the risk is controllable。From the later point of view, Lanzhou, as a provincial capital, is particularly important in market positioning, should determine how to develop the main market, and increase the market supply, so as to help control the pressure of high housing prices and rising housing prices。

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