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Top real estate consultant professional service system - Commercial real estate services
       Top real estate consultants with nine years of real estate consulting experience, on the basis of perfect market research, provide commercial real estate from project planning, overall marketing, investment services, business management of the whole process service system。
       After years of development, the top real estate consultants have provided full process services for 15 commercial real estate projects in Gansu and Qinghai markets, including professional shopping malls for home building materials, small commodity markets, urban street shopping centers, department stores and other commercial forms, which have won praise from development enterprises。
Pre-business positioning planning business

Commercial land acquisition strategy/commercial project positioning suggestion service module
Market research: macroeconomic analysis and urban planning research/overall commercial market analysis/project plot analysis/competitive project research/consumer behavior and habits research/merchant interviews and verification of main merchants' intention to settle in/case studies at home and abroad;
Project positioning suggestions: project theme and highlights/target customer positioning/business type matching suggestions/tenant mix suggestions;
Project architectural design: shop planning, division suggestions/people flow line design suggestions;
Financial analysis: Lease and sale model proposal/Rent and selling price proposal/Total investment estimate/Sales and lease income estimate/profit and return analysis/cash flow analysis/Sensitivity analysis。
Project planning and design suggestion service module
Draw up the tenant list of the target anchor store according to the business configuration ratio of the project, plan the highlights of the project, and assist in starting the architectural design work;
Traffic organization suggestions/people flow line suggestions/backfield planning/entrance design/signage guidelines/parking lot/advertising facilities, etc.;
Public area decoration suggestions, such as style tone, building materials selection;
Formulate planning and design task book, design program evaluation and guidance, design adjustment suggestions, etc。
Business development model research service module
Project location/Project financing/project investment/project product/project operation/project team;
Urban accessibility study/project feasibility study, etc。
Investment and opening services

Investment consulting planning service module
Assist in the formulation of the overall investment promotion plan/assist in the investment promotion training/provide investment promotion suggestions and assist in the implementation/assist the landlord in the formulation of tenant decoration manuals and tenant management conventions, and provide relevant suggestions;
Draw up the target customer list to place the brand/suggest the overall investment promotion process/provide suggestions on the investment promotion organization and management structure;
Formulate rent price system and preferential terms for tenants/Assist the design unit of the owner to formulate delivery standards/Assist the owner to complete the tenant's settlement management and coordination procedures。

Investment agent service module
Use top business resources to find target retailers (merchants)/intended merchants to accompany customers to visit and negotiate in depth;
Formulate rent price system and preferential terms for tenants/formulate work schedule and corresponding work arrangement according to investment plan/give project adjustment suggestions according to retailers' (merchants') requirements;
Submit investment progress report in time according to the plan, and provide corresponding countermeasures and adjustment suggestions according to market changes and reactions;
Achieve significant lease terms intention and sign lease letter of intent;
Assist the owner to negotiate the contract and finally complete the signing of the formal lease contract。
Opening preparation service module
 Propose project opening plan, pre-opening market warm-up plan, annual market promotion budget and guide the implementation;
Operation management standard workflow planning/organizational structure construction and personnel training/tenant operation management regulations drafting during the opening period;
Pre-opening tenant store design and decoration management;
Operating budget and target Establishment/Daily financial and account collection and settlement system。
Retailer location service module
Develop market entry strategies for retailers (merchants);
Assist retailers (merchants) in project purchase/lease negotiations。
Business operations management services

Hardware and planning design review and recommendations
Commercial atmosphere and landscape characteristics;
Parking lot/route planning and design/Billboard and signage guidelines;
Promotion and event venue planning。
Daily rental operation management suggestions
Operation management standard diagnosis and improvement;
Daily tenant management, continuous investment and optimization;
Tenant revenue and periodic and irregular expense management;
Annual operating plan and budget;
Regular consumer research and analysis;
Annual and monthly marketing promotion and promotion plan proposal and implementation。
Operational proposal
Operation management standard workflow planning;
Organizational structure optimization and personnel training;
Drafting of tenant operation management regulations;
Operating budget and target establishment;
Tenant store design and decoration management;
Daily finance and account collection and settlement system。