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       The top real estate development management consulting service aims to provide the best, actionable solutions in line with the market and the spirit of the company's shareholders to the clients who plan to enter the real estate development field through scientific working methods, models, cases and tools, and to achieve success together with the clients。
       Top real estate development management consulting service is committed to providing developers at all levels of the Gansu real estate market with the whole process of solution from project positioning, planning and design, construction, marketing management, property advice to the entire development process。
       Experience of working with leading real estate consultants to grow with many outstanding development companies,The top real estate consultants have accumulated a large number of advanced cases of benchmarking enterprises,In recent years, the business scope has been involved in the fields of enterprise product line consulting, product innovation research, project planning and design concept consulting,Cutting-edge research capabilities and strong resource integration capabilities ensure that we are able to cope with increasingly segmented and complex project development topics。  
       At the same time, the leading planning consulting business, strong agent sales business, and emerging business consulting business of top real estate consultants also provide strong technical support for the maximum value mining and market realization of development projects in the context of a longer industrial chain service。

Service content
       City entry strategy and development strategy:Development prospect of urban real estate market/Market pattern and regional characteristics/developer competition pattern/developer entry strategy
      Enterprise land acquisition strategy and economic evaluation:Market position study/Market pattern and regional characteristics/multi-project selection/Project initiation report/Feasibility study report
      Urban residential development of various sizes:Development strategy and overall positioning Research/development model/Property development proposal/Project start-up strategy research/Market evaluation of planning scheme/investment and financing model/marketing and display strategy
      High density luxury housing in the city centre, urban development and low density property development in radiating areas:Development strategy and overall positioning/development model/implementation strategy/product positioning/marketing and presentation strategy
      Corporate Strategy Consulting:Enterprise strategy diagnosis/industry competition analysis/enterprise capability analysis/enterprise strategy selection
      Control mode and process design:Organizational control model/Process management diagnosis/Organizational control/Benchmarking enterprise research
      Product line Research:Location layout research/customer demand segmentation/development rhythm/product portfolio/holding property operation