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Top real estate consultant professional service system - marketing planning services

       Top real estate consultants adhere to the core concept of "intellectual consultant, actual marketing",Professional services as the core,Build strategic partnerships with customers, With nearly 60 projects of market operation experience,Top marketing planning services have gradually formed a real estate professional service chain that provides "vertical integration" of market and customer analysis, strategic positioning, construction planning, marketing planning, and sales agents for the real estate development process。In order to better close to the development of enterprises to carry out service work, and in Gansu original real estate sales consulting services, developers highly recognized。
       Top real estate consultants in Gansu Lanzhou, Zhangye, Dunhuang, Wuwei, Jinchang, Baiyin, Linxia;Marketing planning and sales consulting services were carried out in Xining, Qinghai and other cities。
Service content
    Marketing Planning:Fully understand and pay attention to customer needs, timely grasp the development trend of property consumption, and provide customers with strategies and execution plans on the positioning, product, consumer, price, sales promotion, brand and other aspects of the entrusted project, so as to maximize the value of the project and minimize the project risk。
    Sales Consultant:Target oriented, provide effective sales service。Experienced professional team, through sales control and case management, ensure that customers achieve sales targets, safely withdraw funds as planned, and maximize project value。