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Top real estate consultants - Client partnership advantage


First, the longest cooperation with the development of enterprises more than 8 years
       Top real estate consulting agencies in Lanzhou market planning sales agent process,All have received great praise from customers,After the successful sale of Champs Elysees Garden,The top real estate consultant with its excellent planning and sales service ability once again won the Champs Elysees Garden Phase II "Oriental Paris" planning and sales agent;After the sale of Baofeng West Lake residence,The top real estate consultancy once again obtained the planning and investment services rights of Westlake Business Center and the sales agency rights of Baofeng Xining Meilin Lake。
The top real estate consultancy was established in 2002 and has been working with the longest development company for more than 8 years。

2. Joint venture with a development enterprise to establish an operation and management company
       Top real estate consulting agencies in the process of commercial real estate planning and investment agency,The excellent performance has been praised by the development enterprises,At present, Lanzhou cornerstone Real Estate company's pedestrian street project,Development companies and top companies jointly set up management companies,By the top real estate consultants to fully implement the 30,000 square meters of pedestrian street property investment services, operation and management work。

Third, the top real estate consultancy has won written praise from a number of development enterprises
      Top real estate consultants have repeatedly been praised by cooperative customers since their inception, of which Qianchang Real Estate, Rongmao Real Estate, Hongye Real Estate, Longsheng Real Estate, Tianrun Real Estate, Tianshun Real Estate, Zhengxin Real Estate, Baofeng Real Estate, Fulin Property, Jinsheng Real Estate also sent written letters to praise top real estate consultants, which are not listed here。