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Top real Estate consultants - Brand building

First, top brand strategy
Strategic thinking:
      Advocate the use of sub-brand strategy。The formation of real estate marketing agents as the leader, real estate services and its coordinated development of the situation, in the main brand to obtain a wide range of social recognition when the launch of sub-brands, from the overall enhance the competitiveness of the brand system。
Strategic planning:
      Based on the real estate consulting industry, expand to other branches of real estate industry, build the top real estate consulting agencies into the first brand of western real estate consulting companies, and enter the national real estate market on this basis。
Second, the status of top brand building
       After nine years of continuous accumulation, the top real estate consulting agency has developed into the first local real estate marketing agency brand in Lanzhou, and in April 2009 obtained the State Trademark Office issued the "top" in real estate marketing, real estate investment consulting, real estate development and other industries registered trademark。
       On this basis, the top real estate consultants have maintained good cooperative relations with a number of industry units and professional media, and opened Gansu real estate professional website - Gansu Real estate Information network, which has laid a strong information service foundation for serving foreign development enterprises。
Third, top corporate culture construction status
1, corporate slogan: Because of professional, gather top
2, enterprise value: create development space for employees, create maximum value for customers, create continuous power for the industry, create unlimited wealth for the society。
3, Business philosophy: professional, focus, cooperation, win-win
4. Enterprise vision: Based on Lanzhou, build the first land brand in the West