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Top real estate consultant - Gansu real estate planning agency industry leader

       The core business of Top Real Estate consultants is to provide full marketing consultancy and sales agency services for traditional developments such as residential, commercial, commercial and tourism real estate。Adhering to the "intellectual consultant, actual combat marketing" business philosophy,Fully learn from the domestic developed cities mature real estate consultant agency service model,The operation method closest to the local real estate market in Gansu province,The system has built a professional consulting service system from the whole process of real estate market research, project positioning, planning and design, marketing promotion, sales agent, investment service, operation and management。
      Top real Estate Consultants was founded in 2002,At present, it has Lanzhou top marketing planning company, Lanzhou top real estate marketing agency company, Lanzhou top network Technology Co., LTD,Specializing in the real estate industry planning and design, market research, real estate marketing planning, real estate sales agents, commercial real estate management, commercial real estate investment agents, real estate website operation and other related intellectual work,Unified brand image as a top real estate consultant。
      The top real estate consultant has more than 50 employees, and has an office operating area of more than 600 square meters on the Minji New City office building on the pedestrian street of Zhangye Road in Lanzhou。The company has investment advisory department, market research Department, real estate Marketing Department, creative design department, planning center, market development department and investment services Department and other professional departments, mainly for real estate projects to provide full marketing services。
      Top real estate consultants operate real estate projects throughout the province,The largest residential sales agent project is nearly 400,000 square meters of residential communities,The largest operating commercial real estate sales agent project is 130,000 square meters of building materials market,At present, the top real estate consultants in Lanzhou have conducted sales agents and sales plans for Qianchang Building, Minji New Town, Xixia City Square, Champs-Champs Gardens, Xixia City Ginza, Yinling International, Shanshui Family, Tianrun Platinum City, Baofeng West Lake Residence, Lanzhou West Lake Business Center, Xinxia Waterfront Tiancheng, Hengxin Jinyu Huafu, Lanzhou New District Binhu Style Commercial Street, Baofeng Zijin City and other projectsWide, image packaging services;In Gansu, the secondary cities in Linxia, silver, Jinchang, Zhangye, Dunhuang, Yongdeng and other places are Linxia New Huihua Temple, silver west big market, Jingyuan commercial pedestrian street - Italian style pedestrian street, Yongdeng commercial Pedestrian Street, Jinchang Jinsheng Jinshui Bay, Zhangye Tianyou Golden Triangle commercial square, Xiguanying Yunding Cultural Pedestrian Street, Yuzhong Jiade commercial Pedestrian Street, Dunhuang Yiwu tradeCity and other projects sales agent and investment agent services;And in Qinghai Province, Hebei Province and other places for Xining Baofeng Meilin Lake, Xining Huisheng shopping, Gucheng County commercial pedestrian Street and other projects to carry out sales planning agent services。

      After years of development, the top real estate consultants have formed a professional company + consultant team model, and formed a strategic alliance with Shenzhen real estate consultants to jointly operate real estate projects。
      Top real estate consultant is currently the only real estate consultant company in Lanzhou market that operates both real estate planning and real estate sales agent, and is also the only real estate consultant company that can set up a professional management company in partnership with a development enterprise for the overall custody and management of commercial pedestrian street。
      Due to the constraints of the development status of the real estate market in Gansu, real estate developers usually sell and plan by themselves. Under the situation of the market in Gansu, the top real estate consultants have operated and are currently operating larger projects that Gansu developers can hand over to local real estate consultants in Gansu for planning and marketing。
      Top real estate consultants in the market operation of their professional planning agents,At present, he has accumulated rich experience in commercial real estate sales agent, investment promotion service and operation management,Have a huge business resource allocation ability,Especially good at commercial real estate planning agent and investment services,Dare to promise to complete the premium risk agency service of commercial real estate projects that development enterprises need to quickly recover funds and significantly increase prices。