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Baofeng · Meilin Lake - Xining Sea Lake New District view lake mansion

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Xining -- Haihu New District, lake-viewing Palace "Baofeng · Meilin Lake"

       Baofeng · Meilin Lake, Gansu Baofeng Group Xining market effort works, Xining Haihu New District Spanish style lake view palace, the real needs of urban elite aristocrats to live, interpret the local people's peaceful and calm view of nature and life, to create a first-class urban elite aristocrats living home。
In Lake Merrill, going home is the beginning of a vacation
       Baofeng Meilin Lake is located in the prominent area of Haihu New District, Xining City, adjacent to the city's "green Lung" forest park。South Kunlun Avenue, north adjacent to Xiguan Street, west to Zongde Road。The total construction area of the project is about 170,000 square meters, with nearly 40% of the ultra-high green rate。
       Baofeng Merrill Lake,Based on the life of the Spanish nobility,The ecological Meilin Lake of 6000 square meters is planned within the complex of staggered heights,5000 square meters of royal gardens,5000 square meters of slope golf,Making it the premier upscale community in the Mar-a-Lago District,At the same time, it also focuses on the unique artistic atmosphere and cultural insights of the plateau region。
       In 2012, after serving Baofeng Group's Lanzhou West Lake Business Center and Baofeng · West Lake Residence project, the top real estate consultant signed a contract with Baofeng Group's full planning and sales agent rights for the Xining project。
       Baofeng Group Xining Project is the top real estate consultant services Baofeng Real Estate marketing of cross-regional high standard residential projects。From the beginning of the construction of the project, top real estate consultants joined to assist the project to complete the preliminary research, demonstration and feasibility analysis, and participated in the overall planning and design based on the product positioning of the project, so as to optimize the design of the apartment type, rational layout and improve practicability。On the basis of preliminary market research, the top real estate consultant proposed the project positioning of building the Spanish style lake view mansion in Xining Haihu New District, providing decision-making opinions for the project landscape planning and assisting in optimizing its landscape planning scheme。
        The foundation stone of Baofeng Meilin Lake Project was laid in May 2010。In June 2012, on the basis of project positioning, the top real estate consultants successively launched low-frequency project publicity and promotion and carried out effective promotional activities for some projects. By the end of 2012, the first phase of the project had been basically sold out and received very good sales results。
        The successful planning of Baofeng · Meilin Lake project once again proves that real estate planning is always decisive before the decisive battle. Real estate planning is not only the packaging and publicity hype in the later stage, but more importantly, the research and demonstration positioning of the project in the early stage, the project architectural design, landscape planning, etc., which jointly determine the final success of the project。

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