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Tianyou Golden Triangle Commercial Square - Furniture exhibition urban complex

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  Top help Tianyou Golden Triangle Commercial Plaza to write Zhangye real estate legend

        Tianyou Golden Triangle Commercial Plaza - Zhangye's first urban complex integrating international home plaza, commercial pedestrian street and serviced hardcover apartment;With the spirit of "large capacity", compose a new height of Zhangye city。
       Tianyou Golden Triangle Commercial Plaza is the chief urban complex project in Zhangye, which is invested and developed by Gansu Baolong Real Estate,The project effectively integrates the professional market of home building materials, shopping and leisure commercial streets and serviced apartments,Drive the interrelationship of passenger flow, consumption, customers and brands with related business formats,Zhangye Nanguan one-stop life shopping center。
        Lanzhou top real estate consultant as the whole process operator of the project,On the basis of detailed market research, this paper puts forward the positioning of "Home exhibition urban complex",Based on International Home Plaza business,With its strong business radiation ability and the ability to gather customers,Support shopping and leisure consumption in commercial pedestrian streets,This creates a powerful interconnectedness,Promote the development of mutual assistance and interaction between the two major business themes,And as Zhangye's first hotel-style fine decoration apartment royal scenery garden,With its surrounding rich commercial customer resources,Sales performance speaks for itself。
      In September 2012, Tianyou International Home Plaza investment in the province, in a short period of 1 month, with almost zero advertising costs of low cost investment completed more than 30,000 square meters of commercial area investment, its low cost and efficient investment performance in Hexi and even the whole Gansu set an insurmountable myth。
      In October 2012, Tianyou Golden Triangle commercial pedestrian street shops subscribed, more than 10,000 square meters of commercial pedestrian street shops were washed and robbed in a short time;
      2013年1月,The Lunar New Year is 30 days away,Tianyou · Royal View Huating to overcome the unfavorable market environment,Winter contrarian subscription,The first 200 units sold out in just 15 days,   In 2012, the real estate market "winter" period,The sales volume of more than 200 units in 15 days is far greater than the total sales volume of the entire Zhangye urban residential area in 3 months,It has become the most concerned real estate of Zhangye citizens in the year。
       2011——2012年,Top real estate consultants are fully engaged in the whole process of Tianyou Golden Triangle Commercial Plaza's pre-market positioning research, architectural planning and design, commercial format planning, residential unit adjustment, commercial investment promotion, and residential sales services,Tianyou Golden Triangle Commercial Plaza is bucking the trend in a variety of unfavorable circumstances,It has fully proved that Lanzhou's top real estate consultants have superior overall control ability and accurate professional practical operation ability in the process of managing comprehensive real estate projects,Through effective resource integration,Achieve project marketing success at low cost,Achieve real "win-win" cooperation with developers。

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