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Lanzhou New Area - Binhu wind commercial street

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Lanzhou New District, the first commercial street - Lanzhou New District Binhu style commercial street

      Big times need big money!This is the unanimous feeling of all walks of life when the news came that Lanzhou New Area was approved as the fifth "National New Area" on August 20, 2012。Relying on Longyuan land of Lanzhou New Area to explore the door window of opening to the outside world;"Center drive", a connection with the three provinces of Gansu, Qing, Ning city economic circle is ready to emerge。
       In May 2012, Lanzhou top real estate consultants had the honor to sign the first commercial project in Lanzhou New Area - Lanzhou New District Binhu style commercial street sales agent and investment services。
       Lanzhou New District lake-front style Commercial Street is invested and constructed by Lanzhou New District Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. under the development strategy of "Reinventing Lanzhou" of Gansu Province and Lanzhou municipal government。The project is located in the southeast of the new district,North of the third road,West Jingshi Road (New District Comprehensive Service Center),East and south of the new district planning landscape water system,It is the first commercial housing development project in Lanzhou New Area,To solve the housing problems of new district cadres and workers and the introduction of talents,Gather popularity,It is of great significance to enhance the image of the new district。The total area of the project is about 207.864亩。There is a high-end residential district "Ruiling Tsui Garden", Binhu commercial Street is located along the perimeter of the district, and the commercial building area is more than 30,000 square meters。

      Top real estate consulting project officially signed,On the basis of comprehensive consideration of the overall planning of Lanzhou New Area,Professional market positioning and accurate image positioning for this project,Put forward "financial street, bar street, food street" accurate market positioning planning,Completed the overall marketing promotion planning and specific implementation plan of the project marketing promotion services,The creativity creates a vivid visual communication image of the project。

Under the full marketing operation of Lanzhou's top real estate consultants,
     On August 5, 2012, more than 100 people in the first phase of Lanzhou New Area organized by top real estate consultants snapped up the lake-front style commercial street in Lanzhou New Area;
     In September 2012, Fang Xiangyang, chairman of Lanzhou Bank, visited the lakeside style commercial street in Lanzhou New District.
     In October 2012, the provincial senior management of China Construction Bank Gansu Branch visited the lakefront commercial street in Lanzhou New District;
     On December 26, 2012, the first commercial auction of Lanzhou New Area organized by top real estate consultants was successfully held in Ningwuzhuang Hotel, 2.The transaction price of 80,000 per square meter accurately positioned the price of shops in Lanzhou New Area;
     On January 8, 2013, the signing press conference of the Construction Bank Gansu Branch and petrochina Kunlun Gas Company settled in the Binhu style commercial Street of Lanzhou New District was successfully held in Lanzhou Feitian Hotel, with a total signing amount of nearly 100 million yuan;
      Under the marketing organization of the top real estate consultants, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Agricultural Bank, CITIC Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, have come to Lanzhou New District waterfront style commercial street inspection, plan to settle in Lanzhou New District waterfront style commercial street - Financial street;
      2012年,Lanzhou New District waterfront style commercial street once "came out",That caused quite a stir in the Golden City,Sales reception center daily electricity and visits have risen sharply,Received a good marketing effect,At the same time, it caters to the hot trend of the fifth national new district,It has also raised the overall commercial market image of the lakeside style commercial street in Lanzhou New District。At present, the project is going through the sales promotion stage, and the overall project investment promotion work will be fully launched。


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