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Dunhuang Yiwu Trade City - small commodity ocean buyers paradise

时间:2013-03-02 14:44来源:Top real estate consultant

  Lanzhou's top property consultant helps Yiwu Trade City compete for Dunhuang

      Dunhuang City, market lane, traditional old business area, rising Dunhuang Yiwu Trade City;Sweeping the Dunhuang small commodity wholesale and retail market, the achievement of the birth of Dunhuang new commercial center!
      Dunhuang Yiwu Trade City is developed by Gansu Tiancheng Real Estate Development Company, Lanzhou's top real estate consultant full marketing, combined with Lanzhou Yiwu Trade City to build a professional wholesale market of small commodities, five-star farmers market and Silk Road tourism crafts Expo center as one of the flagship Dunhuang City。
       2012年3月,Lanzhou top real estate consultant received Gansu Tiancheng real estate project entrusted,Faced with the project geographical location closed, Dunhuang commercial real estate market cold and many other problems,After a detailed investigation of the economic environment and commercial real estate market in Dunhuang City,Deep dig project characteristics,Finally, creatively proposed the whole process to connect with Lanzhou Yiwu Trade City,To build the strategic positioning of Dunhuang's first Yiwu small commodity wholesale professional market。
      In May 2012, Dunhuang Farmers Market, the first five-star farmers market in Gansu Province led by Dunhuang Municipal Committee and Government, settled in the underground floor of Dunhuang Yiwu Trade City, which will build a one-stop trading center for Dunhuang agricultural and sideline products, thus laying the foundation of Dunhuang Yiwu Trade City as the center and the formation of Dunhuang new business center。
      October 28, 2012,Under the organization and planning of Lanzhou's top real estate consultant,Led by Dunhuang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government, the "Dunhuang Yiwu Trade City · Dunhuang Farmers Market brand Conference and opening ceremony" was held in Dunhuang Grand Theater,The four major teams of the Municipal Committee and the municipal government and the leaders of the municipal competent units attended and addressed the ceremony,The ceremony was successfully completed under the auspices of Vice Mayor Zhang。
      On the opening day, nearly a thousand intention to buy shops and citizens participated in the opening subscription activities of the shops, packed the entire Dunhuang Grand Theater and theater square, the day the shops were sold out several times, the subscription scene was extremely hot
       Successful operation of Dunhuang Yiwu Trade City project,Lanzhou is the top real estate consultant in the commercial real estate in the whole process of another classic case,The commercial real estate is extremely cold in Dunhuang,Lanzhou's top real estate consultants actively integrate local government resources, merchant associations and Yiwu Trade City and other commercial resources for the project,To promote the success of Dunhuang Yiwu Trade City project with low cost and high reputation。

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