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Huisheng Shopping -- Xining Shuijing Lane FANS shop

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Huisheng Shopping Xining Store - a day sales of more than 100 million urban street shop shopping center

      On November 17, 2011, Lanzhou top real estate consulting agency received a phone call from Huisheng Shopping, the most prominent commercial management company in Lanzhou retail business, allowing top real estate consultants to plan and sell their large commercial shopping malls in Shuijing Lane, Xining, Qinghai。
      The mall management company with the most experience in commercial management in Lanzhou let the top consulting company plan the sales shops,This makes us feel very excited and nervous,It's exciting to see how the influence of leading consultants in the business world is slowly expanding,The tension is to gain Lanzhou such a well-known mall management company's favor to sell shops,It's definitely a tough job。
      After intense planning and preparation, everything went according to our plan!
On December 8, Huisheng Shopping Xining store image advertisement "Huisheng Business Miracle" appeared for the first time on the mainstream media in Lanzhou and Xining;
December 18, the first phase of Lanzhou Xining shop group came to Xining Shuijing Lane Huisheng shopping snap up shops;
On December 23, Huisheng Shopping Xining Store began a grand subscription on the second floor, the subscription scene was so hot that it broke the expensive vase of the five-star hotel;
      Starting from November 18, the top real estate consultants completed the whole process from market research, customer storage, advertising communication, marketing promotion, stratified shop subscription in 35 days, and completed sales of more than 100 million yuan on the day of subscription。
      The grand subscription of Xining Huisheng Shopping on December 23, 2011, became the first urban street shop shopping center in the history of Xining real estate sales of more than 100 million yuan in one day, and once again witnessed the extraordinary level of commercial real estate operations of top real estate consultants.

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